Pushing the Centre Out of a Window

I’ve pushed out lots of windows. This time I just can’t get it to work. Attached are an animated GIF and the corresponding SKP file.
Right Hexagons, trying to make windows
Hexagon Right Making Windows 2.skp (192.6 KB)

Edit the window component.
Select the center rectangle.
Press delete.

That will remove the space where glass usually goes.

If you want to delete it from the volume behind the window you need to draw the rectangle inside of that component, then do the same - select and delete. Bit you will have to do it at every window location.

Think of groups and components as packaging. In order to affect the stuff inside the package you need to open the package first (double click) - then you can move, change, draw, delete within the ‘package’.

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Agreed. It’s so small it’s hard to tell, but I see Z fighting which means the window geometry isn’t inside the wall geometry. Are you trying to make a cutting component? Is that what you’re trying to do?

Hexagon Right Making Windows 2.skp (204.2 KB)

Hello Francis,

How do you get from the editing mode at the one second point to the 5 frames by themselves at the 3 second point?


Sorry I don’t understand what you’re saying.

At the one second point on your video it looks like you selected the window for editing. Then, at the 3 second point I could see the 5 windows but the wall was gone.


After I made the window I got out of the component, then got into the hexagon, I have a shortcut to show and hide the rest of the model, without a shortcut you must go to View/component edition/Hide rest of the model, that way you’ll be able to see what’s outside the group or component you’re working on.

Watch this animation. I tried doing what you suggested and, in the end, it will not work. What’s missing?

Delete rectangle not work

If you were a carpenter you would be installing a window before you cut the hole into the wall.

You need to do that on the wall component.

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You need to make a hole in the wall.

You must create the hole for the window by getting inside of the hexagon group.

Thank you very much. I had been working on this problem for many hours.

Thanks to your video, I can finally understand it well enough to do it every time.

The attached screenshot shows the 5 windows I made with brown frames & light green glass inside. I’m in the process of making 5 more windows.


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That’s great! Stick with it and you’ll keep improving.

And let us see the results when you get those other windows in.