Making holes in a wall that is an component

I have a hexagon with walls reaching out 40’. The entire geometry is 2 components. I’m trying to make 5 windows in the one wall.

Earlier today I was unable to Push the windows by exploding the component. So, I used View > Component Edit > Hide Rest of Model to hide the back half of the hexagon & corresponding walls.

It worked. I was able to push the windows (also components) out.
However, when I unclicked “Hide rest of model”, the windows filled up with wall portions again.

How can I make holes for the windows?

Hide Rest of Model

Right hexagon with windows.skp (220.7 KB)

The holes aren’t filled again, you’re seeing geometry outside the group or component you’re currently editing, if you get out of the group/component, and hide or delete the other geometry, you’ll see that the holes are still there.

Just checked your file. I wouldn’t delete the objects you have there filling the holes, you can use them to create the frames of the windows, they are components.

Right hexagon with windows.skp (230.0 KB)

You might also try turning off “Profiles”. In the image below, with profiles off, you can see the little green checkmark on the style indicating that it’s a “fast style”.

With profiles off it’s a bit easier to see when lines aren’t quite right. For example, take a look at your windows with profiles off:

I made the frames and, as you can see in the attached file, the windows are open. Now how can I see the entire set of walls with the windows as good as they look now?


I played around a bit and got the new geometry that you see here. The only problem is, I don’t know what I did.


You don’t have to hide the rest of the model. You could fade the rest of the model as a visual aid instead.