Supprimer les contours d'un composant

je viens de crée un composant d’une fenêtre de type gothique. je le place sur un mur. j’essais de détruire les traits qui délimitent mon composant avec le mur, mais cela détruit une partie de mon composant.

Please share your moder (the skp file) to get a specific answer on how to go about.

here i join the gothic windows. i know is not perfect,there many error, i do an another

fenetre gothic 1.skp (56.7 KB)

Here is a ‘Glue to’ > Cut Opening’ fenetre component.
You may need to remake a cleaner window or do more cleaning and correntions on this one:

fenetre gothic A.skp (218.8 KB)

To create the simplest ‘Glue to’ > ‘Cut opening’ component, just draw a rectangle on a large face and create the a component from that rectangle. Then draw the window inside the editing context of that component.
The cutting opening needs to be in its local red/green plane and to actually cut the inside (inner face) of that loop needs to be deleted.

bHello, thank you for your answer. if I understand correctly, I draw a wall, then the rectangle, then in the rectangle, i create the window component? that is to say that my component includes the window and the wall with it?

Tu peux essayer cette méthode

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Maybe this will help to understand what little is needed to start your component:
Window component sequence.skp (434.0 KB)

Thank you very much. 
i finally understood, i'll be able to move forward on my projet. i have works behind me.....