Stained Glass TilingComponent (help preventing stretchin and edges please!)

stained_window.skp (130.5 KB)

Hi I am trying to draw a curved stain glass window, by making a tiled component. It consists of H profile lead frame filled with glass with a C profile lead profile around the edge. Please see attached file.

I have so far made a static component which can fill the bulk of the window, the problem is now when I reach the edges. I somehow want to incorporate my C profile around the edges, the thing is that the overall window that I am trying to fit isn’t exactly divisible by the my sub-component, when I try to resize the edge pieces the dimensions of the Lead is getting squeezed where really I just want to clip the glass as if I cut it with a knife rather than stretching it.


A) Prevent edge pieces stretching when adjusting them to fit.

B) It would be nice to automatically put the C profile around the edges but I don’t really know how to do that.The shape I am trying to fill with my sub-components is shown on the attachment.

C) The shape I am fitting my component into is curved at the top which is causing me a lot of problem, ideally I want to wrap my currently straight C profile around the curve.

D) I know this is a dynamic component group, so far my components are just static, any help making them clever and making as much as possible happen automatically would be much appreciated! :slight_smile: