Push Pull won't accept dimensions

I’m a teacher currently using Sketchup Free for digital learning due to the Pandemic and school in our district being shut down. Some students are running into an issue where they are able to draw a rectangle with dimensions (i.e. starting the rectangle and then type 24,48) and the rectangle works perfectly fine. But when they use the push/pull tool, drag up and type a dimension once they hit enter, the rectangle remains, but there is nothing pushed or pulled. I have taken control of the computer over zoom and verified that I cannot push/pull from their computer, but it works perfectly fine when I do it on mine. Have they accidentally toggled something that I don’t know about? Any help would be much appreciated!

Mr. Bowers

There have been other posts in the forum reporting problems with recent browser updates to Edge and other Chromium based browsers.

The Edge problems have apparently been fixed by a recent update.

Try searching in this forum for “sketchup free edge browser” or “sketchup free update”.

It may work for your students to update their browser, and/or try another browser.

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