Push/Pull question

I am struggling with one aspect of the Push/Pull tool.

Say I wanted to make a washer… I draw a circle… Push it to its thickness… Then draw another circle… And pull that to a hole… And it works.

I get this use of the Push/Pull tool…

But if I draw the first circle first… And then the 2nd (before pushing)… And then push the outer ring, things get a bit complicated.Now if I push the inner circle, it doesn’t push, it moves and I don’t really understand the behavour…

To understand what I am trying to ask, imagine this.

  1. Draw a square.
  2. Inside the square draw a circle.
  3. Push the square to a cube (the circle will now be left as a tube through the square).

Now assume that I want to pull this ‘tube’ so that its only 1/2 way through the cube, I would imagine I could click on the circle and ‘pull’ it… But when I do this, it just moves through the heart of the cube and doesn’t actually push/pull.

The only way I have been able to ‘fix’ this is using the CTL key and that seems to work… But if I then disassemble the model (or use the Xray view) and look at what I created, there is a line through the circle which makes me think that this is now 2 parts…

What am I doing wrong here? How would I use the push/pull tool in this case, assuming I was trying to make a ‘cap’ (like a washer, but with the hole not punched all the way through).

I hope what I am asking makes sense, but will clarify this if anyone is confused.;

Thanks in advance


How about this approach?


Sorry. I should have said, I know how to fix this (i.e draw the 3D shape first and THEN make the indentation), as per your video.

But I am trying to understand why Push/Pull works this way when you build your 2D shapes first… And how to correct this.


Okay, 2d first then,


How do you get the + over the icon? Is that the CTL key?

(gratuitous filler)

yes it does , its create a new face for you to use



Awesome… Cheers all… So my use of the CTL key was right after all… Thanks for your help (As always).