Don't understand why I can't push/pull part of my object

I’m trying to pull/extrude the lattice in the attached file by 2mm. Whenever I do use the pull tool it does THIS. What I’m expecting to happen is that the bottom has a solid face and each of those squares/triangles is a channel through the piece.

If I use the line too to outline one of the shapes, everything fills in and I can go and delete each square, but that’s not ideal. So, there’s obviously something I’m misunderstanding here and I’ hoping someone can explain it to me. Any idea how to fix this relatively easily (re: w/o doing the entire lattice over)?


Lattice.skp (1.2 MB)

Use Push/Pull+Ctrl
Lattice Fixed.skp (414.4 KB)

Thanks Geo. What I don’t get is why I had to do that. What was “wrong” or
different about my object that I needed to do that?


Push-pull does not normally create a new starting face where your original was. Hitting ctrl (option on Mac) tells it you want one. Otherwise there is nothing “wrong” with your model.

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