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I’m a novice in Sketchup. I’m designing a desk that includes two indents in the front panel for decorative detail. I’m trying to use the push pull feature to create these. I don’t want them to go all the way through, instead to create two shallow channels. However when I use push pull I don’t get the effect I expect or want. Its driving me a bit nuts as its certainly user error rather than software error!

Any help appreciated. Attached is a screen shot - the file is too big to upload apparently…


Try uploading to 3D Warehouse and share the link here.

It seems there is a problem with the edges. Red lines i drew must be seen as a black line in your model but they look ‘smoothed’ or hidden (so not appearing).

  1. So turn on your hidden geometries. ( View > Hidden Geometry )
  2. Pick eraser, hold shift+ctrl and left click those ‘dashed edges’ that you’ll see. And then push/pull should work.

Thanks filibis.

I’ve done that and I’m stlll having the same problem. I’ve uploaded the model here now - Desk push pull problems | 3D Warehouse


You are trying to pushpull a face which isn’t in the same context as the front of the desk. Double click on the front of the desk once to open the desk7#1 component for editing, keep double clicking again to open successive nested components unit you have the lower desk#2 open for editing (Check that you can highlight the desk front face by a single click on it.) THEN you can draw your rectangle(s), and pushpull it/them to make your groove(s).

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OK great - thanks so much for helping. Much appreciated. There’s so much to learn!

Appearently problem wasn’t that at all, you just need to enter inside group (I assumed you already were doing that :upside_down:)

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