Push pull on stacked objects

I am very new.
I have been experimenting with sketchup and tried drawing lots of things and did the tutorials and so on.
So, if I was to draw a lego brick, for example - a cube with four spuds on the top, when I use the push pull tool from the base, it doesn’t push pull through the spuds - only the cube. I tried ‘off setting’ the wall thickness but the same result. Interestingly, if I just hide the base I get close to what I am after.
I read some of the previous posts about Fredo’s push pull but I can’t see it. Is it an extra thing that has to be downloaded?
No big thing, I am just learning.

Fredo’s plugins/tools are great. However, I would recommend to wait with using any plugins and try to learn the basics of SketchUp first. You’ll definitively benefit from learning SketchUp’s native tools, no matter what.

The Push/Pull tool (P/P tool) can be used with [Ctrl] to toggle the +sign at its cursor. + means leaving the pulled face behind and dragging a copy of the face passed other geometry. Maybe this was the issue in your case.

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Follow along these videos, Machine parts, Lego,Millennium Falcon.
Also go to The learning Center. All by the Sketch up people.

Thanks for your reply.

No, not really. If I was to Draw a cube with another cube on top of the first, for example, and then if I was to right-click and ‘hide’ the base, I get a hollow form rather like a vacuum form.

I want to replicate that, only giving a thin wall thickness.

I want the final outcome to look like a vacuum form and, while hiding the base does seem to replicate what I want, perhaps there is another better way.

Thanks for your help.

thanks for the reply.

I will watch these just now.