Push/Pull on object with curved edges



Hello folks,

some times ago I modeled a piece of furniture, a bedframe to be precise …
However, I decides to adapt the model to all available sizes.

Now I have problems to ‘shorten’ the plank:

Some details how I constructed the original plank:

  • Radius at the edges made with the arc tool
  • Extruded the edge away with the push tool
  • Deleted the lines in the curve (of the edge)
  • Applied a texture of ply wood to the planks borders

In the background is the original piece.
On the foreground object I already moved the notch, but I’m unable to push the right side – surely because of the curved edges: I can’t apply the push tool. And every other tool and manner I tried didn’t work. :frowning:

Any idea how to do this?
I am thankful for any advices. :wink:


Don’t even think about Push/Pull for this. Expose the hidden geometry with View>Hidden Geometry and then select the end of the board with a left to right selection fence. Use the Move tool to move the selection the desired distance.


OMG — it’s that easy? :wink:
I already tried to select all of the geometry in any different way, I even rebuild the segment lines on the curve – but it never worked well.
Your hint to first expose the hidden geometry was the solution.
Dave, thanks a lot!


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