Trying to push pull on a curved surface?

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I have a problem, I downloaded a chair from the 3d warehouse and im trying to alter and adjust it. My problem is im trying to push and pull sections on the curved back of the chair, SU wont let me. Is there a way around this to reach my goals?

Thanks in advance people!

This is the effect im trying to achieve on the back of the chair, any advice would be great thanks again

You haven’t told us your goals.

Most likely, push/pull is not the process you’re looking for.

What effect is that? I really can’t tell. A description would be useful. Probably, you’re looking for some combination of the Move tool and the Scale tool to deform existing geometry, whereas the Push/Pull tool is specifically for extending or collapsing an extrusion at right angles to the face defining the extrusion’s cross-section.

Please be very specific about what you’re trying to achieve. Allow us to tell you whether you want to push/pull or something else.


Sorry if it wasnt clear im trying to achieve the horizontal batten effect across the back of the chair, where ive drawn the 4 horizontal lines. The effect is in the 3rd image, with image 1 and 2 being the chair im trying to achieve it on.

I was wondering if push pull is the answer, but thats all I know at the moment

thanks again

Updated images to help clarify. Below is the effect im trying to achieve across the back of the chair, the red parts being the parts im trying to push into.

Below is the back of the chair that im trying to create the batten effects, pretty sure pushing and pulling isnt the answer. Thanks again

Are you trying to get extra edges across the chair, or are you really trying to give the wood a red tint in those bands?

The red striped parts in the 2nd image i am highlighting, are the parts im trying to push using push pull

Chair back_slates_.skp (32.5 KB)
I am taking a guest have a peek…

Okay, if I understand you now, it happens that Push/Pull turns out to be what you need after all. But going across, not back.


There is an extension that can be used to push pull curved surfaces. The illustration you show may not be a good candidate for its use because of the many curved surfaces you may need to manipulate. You may be able to use the native push pull tool as long as your surface to be manipulated is planar.

The add-on that I’m referring to is Fredo6: Joint Push Pull - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD. Bear in mind that in order to use this add-on, you also must download and install LibFredo6 - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.

Ahh thanks guys,

Gully forgot to mention that from the top of the back of the chair it tapers towards the bottom. Not sure if its a curved surface as well. Will give it a go and see if it works

Thanks for the link, I’ll give the regular push pull a go to see if it works

Click on it to go to full screen and it will clear up …Peace…

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How was I supposed to know that? Then the original chair back was trimmed to a taper after it was extruded. Try this:


Much appreciated for all the explanations. The slight taper was very subtle so hadnt noticed it

wow thanks did you have a spare back of the chair lying around? Im still trying to figure out the best way to do it as ive found out theres curved surfaces all over and its alot more complicated

Chair Back.skp (42.4 KB)

Only guesting… take the time and learn how the tools work and making them serve your needs. You can copy and paste almost anything or 3D warehouse item. To modify others parts or create your own work it is a MUST… and sucks to have to rely on others work.

BTW, mrwmrutski, what did you do to record the motion video example you provided? Was it a screen capture program? Thanks!