Push/Pull on angled surface


Hello, I"m trying to make an A Frame birdhouse. It has a porch on the front. Each end of the porch is flush with the angled A frame birdhouse. I used line tool to draw the porch on front of birdhouse and push/pull it out. Then used line tool to draw (on the end of the porch ) the area of the porch that need cut away. But push/pull works perpendicular to the surface I"ve drawn on, which is angled to match the sides of the A frame birdhouse. How use push/pull to eliminate the unwanted portions of the porch? Or what better way to tackle this? thanks, Mike
A Frame Chalet.skp (440.6 KB)


didn’t reproduce your exact porch profile but this might be the way to tackle it. As Dave says, hide main house and work on porch from behind, then unhide house at end.


Here’s a web version, since you say you are using SU for Schools.


Thank you both. One more question please. The original birdhouse porch has a bevel on back, bottom of porch. It’s the porch with 7 holes in it. Pls see below. How would I remove that section? Mike


I would move the line to create the bevel.


Ugh. I’d forgot that. Thank you. Mike