How do I remove material that is not parallell to any lines


I have a piece that I have drawn out Rudder pivot calipered.skp (1.3 MB)
Now in one end I need to cut a 5mm groove out on the Z axis. however the groove is at an angle to the to the Z axis along the x axis.

I tried the Push pull tool but it pushes along a straight line and not the angle that I need. Is there any way to change the angle on the push pull or another tool I should be using?


Is this the one you want to cut? Would you give more details if not?


I didn’t understand what you mean exactly but here is a plugin that allows you to push/pull curved surfaces with various options: JointPushPull Interactive.

Also your model seems a bit ‘messy’, so i advice you to check these plugins to ‘clean’ it: CleanUp³ and Solid Inspector².


Thank you for the help!

It is on the other face.

I need to cut out the rectangle width, 5 mm wide in the center, through
the nose of the end, on the angle of the guide lines.

Messy? Not surprised; I have not much experience with CAD and have only
had this program for 2 days… I thought I was doing not bad. LOL

This is a part from my kayak that broke and impossible to find. My
intention is to try to reconstruct. it with a 3d printer.


There are many ways. I did it like this.
Rudder pivot calipered.skp (1.7 MB)


Thank you. That is exactly the end result I would like.

My question is, what tool/operation do you use and how, to make the
cutout of the material on the first stage.


This is one of the ways.


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