Push pull in blue direction

Ok, so i have this part, i have attached it, the video shows what i am trying to push pull. i need it to be lowered by 1.75 inches in the blue direction. I am having troubles lowering it. i have tried to remove the faces to get rid of that section instead of push pull, but it opens up alot of geometry:)

my goal is to get rid of those two ribs so i have a flat and opened box.


formed tray.skp (63.7 KB)

You need a totally different approach. If you’re only interested in getting rid of the dividers in the box, erase the edges and heal the holes.in the bottom. Push/Pull is not the tool you are looking for.

Do you want the bottom to be flat, too?

yes, bottom needs to be flat:)

OK. As drawn your box has a number of issues. Hang on a moment.

Like this?

Once you remove those dividers, you can see the center section has problems.

I just about started from scratch to get the box at the beginning.

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yes, exactly like that. What issues was it having besides the centers?

There’s the area in the center where the apparent inside bottom of the box was pushed through the exterior bottom face. And because of what you’ve drawn it would be difficult to sort out the angled inside wall.

Better to start with the wall without the notch…

Then cut out the notches.

It was easier to fix half of your box so I deleted the rest. Then I copied the geometry, flipped it along the red direction and joined it up.


hmm, ok. i wonder why it screwed up so bad. i used solid tools to cut the angle out, then offset everything by 0.25

here is what it looked like before, just imagine no offsets.

then to this and it was still solid.

ok, so shell it first, then do the notches…

WHAT THE HECK!! i see what you mean on the bottom. my geometry went right through it haha

then i pushed down the ends and then got stuck haha

thanks for your reply and demo. i appreciate that. shelling, notches, then copy and rotate:)

Why is the box skinned over on the top in your screen shots?

Basically. I used Flip Along instead of Rotate although either will work in this case.

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that i am not sure off. it said it was a solid and i know they are not reversed faces. maybe the style im using??

If i rotate the camera, it changes colors on me. goes white, grey, blueish grey…

the final should look like this:everything is angled 5 degrees on the outer walls. It must have something to do with what you mentioned earlier


The color change is just the normal shading that SketchUp does to show that the model is 3D. If you are having difficulty telling the difference between that shading and the back face color, I would suggest changing the back face color to something you can more easily identify. I’m sure you’ve seen the green I use for back faces in my default style.

So is the final box supposed to have the dividers and that circular thing in the middle? You said before no dividers.

yes, i have seen that green. im going to do that now. thats a good idea.

and for your other question. yes those dividers and circular items need to be there. but they were not the same dividers as from the notches being cut out that i wanted removed before. these ones are placed further back:)

My idea was to make at least the empty box, then make each part and union it together.

Unless you set “use sun for shading” the light source is at the camera. As you orbit the model, each face’s brightness varies with the face’s angle to the light source. This effect can make it hard to distinguish between a reversed face and a dark shaded front face. Many of us set a garish color for back surfaces to make reversed faces stand out better.

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im going to do that now in my style because apparently my faces were reversed but to me they looked white haha


thanks for the help Dave and Slbaumgartner.

I made the center cone as just a revolve, used clf arch centerfinder, then made the ribs and unioned everything together:) oh, and i made my reversed faces green so i can see them haha. thanks for that awesome tip.

there is one error in the pic, the ribs are 0.25 inches to high haha

ok, fixed it:)

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