Push/pull improvement

The standard way to create window and door openings in walls is to draw a rectangle on the face of the wall and push the resulting face in until it meets the inner wall face. If you’re lucky, when you reach the inner face, z fighting will cause a distorted pattern that helps tell you to stop pushing. But mostly for me, it doesn’t and I end up pushing too far or not far enough and then having to correct it. Maybe I am doing it wrong, maybe my graphics card is the problem, maybe, maybe…

Would it not be possible to develop something like this: you select the face you want to push, select the push/pull tool, then right click and get an inbuilt option to push as far as the next face. Job done. For any other openings, you can of course just double click on them to repeat the process, as you can now (if you get it right first time).

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You know you can use the edge inference, even the corner, to cut through?

Yes Box, I do, but your example shows a simple freestanding wall. Once the internal faces and edges are hidden by things like roofs and floors, it is not so easy. Sure, you can group things, hide them, use the transparent view option, etc, to get at inference points but that all adds time and can sometimes mean choosing the wrong inference point. I am after a really quick way that works without question and with minimum clicks.

Hi Simon,

From my experience walls should always be within its own group, so they don’t get stick to another object, moving them freely over the floor. So if the wall is already a group, doble click to edit, press H for hide the rest of the model and then X for xray mode, it will take you less than 1/2 second…
But maybe something like triple clicking could be a good way of implementing what you are asking for…
IMO, if you work with groups this shouldn’t be a problem to you.