Push/Pull at a specified angle, like a wedge

Trying to do something new and not having much like finding out how to do it.

I have created a 2D shape. I would like it to be 0.4mm thick on one side, then from that side rise up at a specified angle, say 2 degrees, like a wedge. I can’t figure out how to do it. I can only get the push/pull to go straight up.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Cheers,

SPD shim flat.skp (165.3 KB)

Which way do you want the Wedge shape to run?

Push/Pull is designed to extrude along the face normal as you’ve found. You can make the wedge shape with native tools by extruding the shape and then cutting it off with a face drawn at the desired angle and intersected with the shape.

Push/Pull operates at right angles to the face acted upon. If you want a shape that ramps up, draw a side view of the ramp and Push/Pull across.

Or is the problem that you can’t orient a face so that it’s standing up?


That’s exactly what I am trying to do. Thanks for that, it worked first time.

Was it as easy as it as looks in your image? I had to put the top surface back and fix a couple of missing surfaces on the sides.

Thanks again,

I thought it was easy but then I’ve done that sort of thing many times.

I generally extrude well beyond what I need because it makes selecting the edges to delete easier.

There were a couple of missing faces to replace after the intersect operation but tracing edges put them back. Probably wouldn’t have happened if it was a larger scale.