Purchased extension licence and downloads missing?

Can anyone assist me? I am having trouble with the extension warehouse and my list of downloaded extensions on my account? my list of downloaded extensions has reduced from around 40 to 5 and extensions that I have purchased licences for are not active?? This appears to have come about after the upgrades took place for both the 3D warehouse and extension warehouse as i have had a similar experience with my uploaded components and libraries etc. going missing. I am wondering is its is something to do with my personal Google and Trimble accounts not migrating or linking correctly? i also have a education account that i use for my sketchup licence. Please can someone help because i am without my invaluable extensions that i have paid good money for! has anyone else experieced a similar issue??

This is one of the know bugs of new EW…
But must probably the list of downloaded extensions are not equal to list of licences.
If you are going to find on EW your purchased extensions, I believe you can download it again and I don’t think if your licences are deactivated.
Have you tried it?

It is not a bug per se, the “My Downloads” feature just has not yet had the old data migrated to EWv2.
And I’m not sure that they are going to migrate the old data. So user should go ahead and redownload their previous set of extensions.

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…just a little uncomfortable ( the majority of us can live without it, and perhaps grumble about it) :wink:

Note that 3 1/2 years ago you had ownership of some extensions transferred to an email starting with g4me. Make sure that’s the account you are signed in under.

Not all EW1 extensions were transferred to EW2’s My Downloads. Free ones in particular may not appear. To get an extension that isn’t in My Downloads, find it in EW and click the Install button on the product page. It will then be in your My Downloads from now on.

For extensions that you have bought in the past, if they say Purchase instead of Install, that suggests you’re signed in with a different account to the one they’re assigned to.