Projected Texture on terrain

Hi all

I have a 3d model of hills (imported as STL and edge softened) and I have a satellite image to project on to it. The image is imported as texture and placed on the rectangle above the terrain and then made ‘projected’. When I use the paint tool the result seems full of blank spaces with the texture not fully covering the model.

Anyone seen this before? How can I get that satellite image to sit on there?


Its a little difficult to tell what you mean by ‘blank spaces’ from the screenshot you attached. Can you mark up, or zoom in to a problem area? Or even btter, upload the model to a drive like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc and share the link here if over 5 mb.

The full hillside should be green. With only some patches of light green. There are large areas of white breaking up what should be solid blocks of green. Here’s the file:

You applied the texture to the component instead of the faces.

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Thanks so much!