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I use Sketchup to develop plans and wish that there were a way for me to add my own project notes to my Sketchup file. Thoughts, measurements, and design considerations or constraints wind up on multiple pieces of paper on my desk. It would be great for me to consolidate them electronically but have them just a click away when I am in my .skp file.

Thanks for your consideration. I enjoy Sketchup immensely!

For now you could certainly keep a text file open to add those notes. Or you could do that in LayOut. Or in your Trimble Connect project.

Here are two ways that might work for you:

  1. Make a ‘Note’ component that can output through “Generate Report”.

  1. Text tool with “Notes” tag to toggle visibility. Bonus: cut’n’paste to Microsoft ToDo auto-populates individual tasks.

Text Tool & Note Tag - ToDo

ToDo Notes from SketchUp - auto populates

Trimble Connect also offers a notes and markups function. It’s quite powerful, but it does require the uploading/conversion of the model into Trimble Connect.
I personally just add text notes on a tag called notes. It’s not a great method. The notes get lost and fly around when geometry is deleted, so you have to clean them up.

@3DxJFD that’s a clever method - I never even realised Dynamic Components could be reported through Generate Report.

I’ve previously asked for a Feature Request regarding export of text entities (and faces) into a Report.

This extension can add more formatting to notes, but they’re not leader text, they’re “2d text” (faces…not ideal). And you can’t export them.

You could also use Souvenir, which includes Task Lists saved in models or at Sketchup level. You an print them or export them too.

The plugin is free.


The Description field in the ModelInfo>File dialog could also be used for notes.

Here’s another example:

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