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Im looking for a way to add sticky notes/pop-up comments to a 3d model… in a similar way to how other software(eg PDF software) can add a comment?

EG it would contain the person’s name, date, maybe a colour code, and allow for some text (a paragraph or so). Ideally sticky notes/comments could have the option to stick to geometry or lock in 3d space.

My current practise of adding Text with leaders is messy and cumbersome and they get lost of ‘fly off’ when geometry is added.

Exporting notes/text/comments would be useful, too.


Check out issue tracker:


(And more stuff from @jgbrock1)

Or go native with Trimble Connect:

Thanks @MikeWayzovski! - @AK_SAM, Issue Tracker work for you. Please feel free to email or message me and I will be glad to discuss it with you. I use it in my workflow everyday (because I used to have to write down notes or create PDFs, but this does it for you). May or may not work, but glad to help if I can.

I can thoroughly recommend Issue Tracker. Great at keeping a track of various details of the Model. I use it to keep a track of queries to raise with Clients when I meet them. Also makes sure I address those issues/areas and do not forget about them, which is easy to do if they’re deep in the Model and out of sight.

Two other possibilities to look at.

GOSU lets you link components to all sorts of things, including URL’s, audio and video files and comments. Hasn’t been updated recently so I don’t know if it is compatible with 2019.

Comments allows the addition of comments.
Also not recently updated so …

Thanks for the idea.

The Comments extension looks great but I downloaded and installed it and it doenst work, (I also installed other extensions in that author’s series).

Thanks for the suggestion
@MichaelSiggers @jgbrock1 @MikeWayzovski

I downloaded and installed the trial of Estimator’s Issue Tracker and have been using it today.
I think it’s okay - the Snapshot function is very creative and could be useful for clients. I tend to be pushing my colleagues and client more to open the model in SU viewer so they can rotate around it…reading reports of things is a bit ‘old school.’ Good for some clients though, or for PM/auditing.

There are a couple of issues that would prevent me from using Issue Tracker:

  1. it’s not much different to simply using your own components, adding your own comments to the Description Field, entering Owner, Status, etc yourself, and then using SU’s Generate Report to put them into a table.

  2. The comments don’t give pop-up notes/callouts so you have to click on them (even then it’s hard to read) or view the Report to be able to see them. This isn’t at all like PDF comments which are little “speech bubbles” that pop out or change colour. A bit clunky if they are buried in components, and they dont provide “flags” to other users (ie, you kind of need to know were to look in the model, or you need to refer to the report as well).

  3. I’m really not keen on more minor extensions with subscription/maintenance arrangements. It’s a lot of admin across a dynamic project team (and cost) for marginal gain.

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@AK_SAM Thanks for feedback, all good points. I do have a wishlist for new features and would love to hear more about how to improve it. I use it every day in my business and agree there is room for improvement. Feel free to PM me about feature requests

I want to add my two cents here too, I definitely don’t like the pricing structure that requires the monthly subscription for issue tracker, Sketchup extensions for the most part mainly avoid this by doing 1 time fees with an option to update for a lesser fee or something like that, that’s what I really like about Sketchup and the plugins available. Unfortuantely I have avoided using Issue tracker because I just can’t justify the subscription… Maybe I have the wrong way of looking at it. I think it would be awesome if there could be a one time purchase option with possibilities to update down the road…

For what it is worth, Issue Tracker is a one-time fee NOT subscription. We changed it to perpetual license. I have a lot of new features I want to add to it, but time and money is not there right now. This version will remain perpetual license. When I can finally afford to add the new features, I may reconsider on future versions, as I plan on it having on-going updates, like we do with the other plugins. Most people do not realize that these extensions cost more to develop and maintain than will ever return on investment. I just know I need them in my operations and hope that others find enough value to help pay for the development. I absolutely was replused initailly when everything went subscription and stopped using some programs as a result, but have come to realize that it is the model for the future and had to get on board.

Thanks John for sharing! It’s nice to know your reasons for going subscription based. I definitely didn’t know about the financial investments required for a plugin to get developed or the ROI about plugin development. Definitely have a little bit of a newer perspective on that stuff now I think…

Ha, it is definitely a labor of love! My problem is I have a ton of ideas BUT cannot code, so I have to pay a developer his hourly rate. Honestly, I have reinvested everything I have made into new updates/improvements, most recently with Estimator and Framer. But the way I look at it, my team is using these tools daily AND others can hopefully improve their workflow, so win-win!

Thanks John! I’ll jump back in and take a look at issue tracker! Cheers man.

Let me know if you have any issues or questions -you can PM me anytime

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Great to see folks connecting on the forum. Generally considered ill advised to post emails on the form as they almost certainly get harvested by bots for spam, might consider editing it out. Better to use a PM for sharing personal info. Just a thought.

Done! Thank you for pointing that out!