A place to make notes about the current model?

I’m looking for an extension that will simply allow me to make notes about the current model, so just a simple notepad text area that gets saved with the model where i can make a bunch of notes about what i’m doing. Is there an extension that does this? I had a quick look in the extension warehouse but nothing was jumping out at me…

Animated Gif link - http://sketchucation.com/forums/download/file.php?id=129541&sid=b900f6d6a0e409cfb3070bd1976fb034

Add Note v1.0.0

or Comments v2.3.9

great, thanks - i’ll check them out!

There is a built-in description property for the model.
The edit field is on the File panel of the Model Info dialog.



One could also create some dummy geometry (a simple box or face) and add some attributes via the Dynamic Components attributes panel.
It would be available through the Dynamic Components Option panel and easily exported to LayOut etc.

Also, you can add remarks on files in MacOs via the info panel of the file or folder.

Lot’s of different native ways, but the main issue is, as always, to have some level of discipline in order to work.

(component) file:
Project Info.skp (27,1 KB)

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You could also try Fredo6’s Souvenir which is meant mostly as a task list —amongst other functions — but no reason it couldn’t be used for notes.

It allows for items at both the individual model level and the application (SU) level

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You can click anywhere on the drawing, using the leader tool, you can enter text that stays put on the screen, size stays the same regardless of zoom level, is editable and moveable. There’s no leader attached, just the text…M

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