Where to write info about my model


Can somebody help. How or where can I write different information about the model at hand? eg I wanted to write eg: On Friday 20.7.20 I made a change in the course of it and that …
Or even your own version number of the model being processed.
Is there any place in the file itself where the information could be books?
I don’t want to info on face on model but like meta text on file info.
This is my first question on this forum so please advise if this question is asked in the wrong place!

At least in Windows you can put something in to Model info>File section like this:

I guess MAC should be similar…

Thx, This I all ready find out. Problem with this is that it can’t eg. take new line. so everything need to write like no enter.

GOSU gives you the ability to link to documents.


So only way to put remarks to model, like my own use, is to create new document (page file) and link to that?

I do have an other kind of “workaround”… but I have to go now will post ~3 hours later…

Driven’s Add Note will create a text document as part of the saved file.
Hasn’t been updated for a while but I just tested it and it works with 2020.

Yes, a Mac is almost identical.
You can also add heaps of data to your file within your operating system, macOS or Windows. Just add any info you want there as an option.

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I got it and install it to my EM. But it create file yes but it not open it! I can open it manually and edit that way. This is ex. what I was looking for! Many Thanks

I see you have got what you want, but since I promised, here is …:

...just an crazy idea.

NOTE: This is not the right way using the “Generate Report” function it is a dirty workaround to make a note and save with a file…


Now this is what I’m talking about!!! This is Great. Cheers dezmo!
Problem solved

You could also place text within the model and assign it to a separate tag (layer) that you toggle on when you want to see the notes you have made. I have placed notes this way when I needed info near the component that wasn’t readily apparent or to toggle dimensions off and on for quick reference. You can place the not near or at the location of what you have done this way.

Sorry I don’t quite understand what you mean? is there any video on this (youtube etc.)
But the procedure you use seems interesting. It would be good to find out more. Can you open that measure up a little bit more?

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Thanks @dezmo I was away from my computer for a bit.

Tags are a way of turning off/on items that are tagged with that specific tag. it is a great way of separating portions of your model so you can look at the individual parts by themselves. Which @dezmo illustrated for us.

That is absolutely amazing! I can’t thank you guys enough.
I just watched YT video about it and that is the way to do this.

And deszo. You’r the man. Thx for video