Creating notes for models


I make several variations of my models in the same file. I want to be able to make a note of the changes for each and every part of the model. Those areas are grouped. I’d like to make the note in the ENTRY INFO section. Is there a method of creating a note without putting text in or near the model on the work space?



I’ve never heard of that section.

If you’d use components instead of groups, there’s a description field in the Create Component window which can be used to add various information. That info will not be displayed in the model space.


sorry typo - yes entity not entry -
thanks, that’s just what I was looking for.


WAIT - that’s true but how do I get back my notes? they don’t show up when I click/select that component after doing so


If you’ve added description text, you can see it when you select the component in the Components window. You could also use that text with auto text labels in LayOut.


Oooo I like that trick to auto text for layout to get your notes back, can I toggle that on/off for separate spaces inside the same layout file? Get info notes in one window and not another?


You can use the auto text in labels for whichever components you wish. Or you don’t have to use any auto text or any labels in LO. Depends on what you need and want to do.


thanks - I didn’t have my components checked in the managed tray section


Not sure what that means, either. But you got it worked out apparently.


Just realize that the description for components is attached to the definition. So it will be the same for all instances.

The model itself also has a description field (which would become the definition description if imported as a component into another model.) It also is used to set a description for template files, to appear in the template picklist.

It is accessible via Model Info > File

Or,… you can leverage the Dynamic Components Name, Summary and Description fields, and then have them appear in a report ( File > Generate Report.)

Ie, click your component, open the Dynamic Attributes wizard dialog, and add the appropriate attributes, type the information.

Your only other option would be custom Attribute Dictionary and use a attribute viewer extension.
(There are several in the extension warehouse.)


FWIW, here’s an example in which I used auto text in LO. Most of the labels use the component description for the text. The dimension text in the description field is generated automatically so it makes the whole process easy.


under “window” menu drop down to manage trays - select “default tray” and checked components. I leave my Default Tray dialog box open on the monitor when I work - It gives quick access to entity info, styles, layers, etc. Now I have Components showing as well. see attached


Understood. I was a bit confused because there is no default tray in SketchUp 7 which is what your profile says you are using.


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