3D models annotation

Hello everyone,

I am trying to annotate the objects in the 3D models that I made using sketchup pro. I can add text to label but I am not sure how to generate report of the labelling. Is there any way to do so?

If oyour objects are components you can give them all sorts of information that can be extracted in a report. Some of that information could be used in Labels and annotation. All of that information could be used to populate labels in LayOut.

If you use the Dynamic Component feature you can give your components any number of custom text fields that can be used for annotations and reports.

Actually, the objects are not the components. I made the model by drawing the lines on the floorplan image.

So you aren’t using components at all?

No. I did not know before.

That’s unfortunate. That severely limits what you can do to get information out of your model. There’s not really an option for collecting the text in your annotations for use in a report.

Might be a good idea to spend some time learning to use SketchUp and LayOut starting with learn.sketchup.com

Hmm… Thank you :slight_smile: