Include notes with model file


Is there a way to include notes with a model files and saved with that files for reference.


I don’t know of any way to do this, but I can see how it would be useful. You should submit it as a feature request.


There are a couple of Extensions that allow you to save notes if you particularly want a separate file?
I think one is called ToDo.rb…
otherwise, notes can be saved ‘within’ the SU model in ‘Model Info’ >> ‘File’ >> ‘Description’

the main advantage is they are portable with the skp…
and the disadvantage is you need to open the skp to read them…



These are normally used to describe templates. You can see the notes in the template pick-list.


Thanks for all the replies
’Model Info’ >> ‘File’ >> ‘Description’ is the close, can’t find todo.rb. Thanks


I have found another ruby script “comment.rb” but it requires “rexml/child” does anyone know where to find that one?


require “rexml/child” returns true in v2015, so the plugin may work…

if you want something simple try running this in ‘Ruby Console’

mod = Sketchup.active_model mod_path = mod.path if mod_path.empty? Sketchup.send_action('saveDocument:' ) UI.messagebox('Save with name and Try Again') if mod_path.empty? else date = time = date.strftime("note2self on %d/%m/%y at %I:%M%p") txt_path = mod_path.sub('.skp', '.txt'), "a+") { |file| file.puts("\n" + time.to_s) } UI.openURL('file:///' + txt_path) end

It should open a text file in your default .txt app…
after adding some new text, use return/enter, and save [unless on mac], then close…

Back in SU ‘Ruby Console’ text box, hit the ‘Up Arrow’ then ‘return/enter’

If this is useful I could wrap it as an Extension to run from the ‘File’ menu as Add Note…

I may do it anyway, but pressure helps…



If you are looking for a plugin, I think this one is probably the better:


Wow, your code works well. Just what I was looking for.
Now would you kindly add it to the menu and perhaps make
toolbar for easy access. I will be using it with all my projects
Thanks again. I tried “Comments” but got errors. I prefer your
code. Best wishes :grinning:


had a bash…

available from here


great stuff. thanks very much