Project loss after accidental request for update

Hi there,
I have been working well with the free sketch up web version for months and built several larger projects for projects in the house and garden.
Today I accidentally hit the “aktualisieren” button probably called “upgrade”.
I did not pull this upgrade to a commercial version through and logged out.
Now I can still log in but all my work built with the free version is no longer accessible.
What can I do to get back to the old status.
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Try again. There had been a server outage.

Folowing this server outage, I’ve got a duplicate empty «Sketchup» root folder nearby the original one. (Projects/Sketchup)
No possibility to erase this folder ? I guess, many people will have this issue, due to login trials during the server outage… :cold_face:
acessing shows that a new Sketchup Project was created in «Europe» zone while my main / original Sketchup project Folder was created in «North america» zone… Seems there’s no possibility to remove …

This can happen. A project called ‘SketchUp’ is created in one of the three possible locations (North America, Europe and Asia)
You can not move files or folders from one project to another, nor move a Project to another server location.
Mind you, Trimble Connect is more project software than storage (in fact it states in the EULA that is is not to considered as storage)
There are about 60 physical locations spreaded for the three major continents, not sure what there backup rules are, it is hosted by Amazon and considered reliable. So if some location has a major outage, the other might work. And you wind up with another ‘SketchUp’ project. Multiple logins from different machines with the same Trimble ID also creates these, sometimes.

Best practice is to download your files on a hard disc and have it sync automatically via Trimble Connect Sync.

If you download the models and than upload to the preferred location, it should work.

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Thank you for your detailed explanations ! I’d better download all my files right now !

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