Profiling chair armrest


I was wondering if there is a clever way of modelling such detail as the armrest in this chair?
I was trying to draw profiles in places where it changes and then curviloft.
It is a bit of a struggle for me due to perspecitve.

Suggestions much appreciated :tulip:

I might suggest making a tapered rectangular prism, then using the shape bender extension to bend it.

Thank you. I’ll try that.

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Setting axis in Matched photo for objects like this is my Achilles heel.

Couple of suggestions: If the arm has a uniform taper, you can use the Scale Tool to shrink one end. Otherwise, try a plugin from Fredo 6 called Loft Along Path (it’s available from the SketchUcation site). Draw a profile of the big end, the narrow end, and one profile in the middle; add a line for the path, and run the plugin. Third, if the arm tapers from front to back but has a uniform thickness, use an Intersect Faces routine to whittle away part of the arm to create the taper.
Finally, I make a lot of furniture models with photos as my guide, but I almost never use the Match Photo feature. Instead, I look for sources with good front or side views, something where the perspective is minimal. I import one of those images, scale it, and trace over shapes to begin the model. My understanding is that Match Photo works with a photo that has not been cropped (resized). However, just about every photo published in a magazine, book, or web site has been cropped.

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Do you have any better pictures of that chair?

Thank you David for your tips!
With Match Photo one needs to set axis correctly on the object and if lines are curvy and angle perspective complex it is not possible to be exact.

I am afraid not. It’s a vintage item.
But I have managed with tapered prism and a bit of RoundCorner.

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That’s all that counts, then.

Have you seen the chair in real life?

What if you draw the top and side profiles push the side profile, make it a group. Do the same with the top profile, and than use the intersect tool?


Thank you Ryan. I have done it in the exact same way! And then used RoundCorner.

No, I have not.

Looks like a “Lancashire Chair”, if you do an internet image search with that you should come up with more reference photos.

Ha, thank you.