Problen in Layout with Hidden Lines

When i change the object style to hidden lines it dissapear and the lines dont appear. i dont know why that occurs. hope you can help me

Share the LayOut file so we can see what you’ve got set up.

What version of SketchUp and LayOut are you using? Your profile indicates SketchUp fro Schools but that version does not include LayOut.

My bad, i use sketchUp Pro 2022 and LayOut 2022.
hinge.layout (1.4 MB)

Please correct your forum profile while I look at your file.

Something is wrong with the SketchUp model file in the LayOut file. When I try to open it I get a Bug Splat.

I was able to extract the SketchUp file from the LayOut file directly. It’s kind of an awful model. Where did you get it and how was it generated?

I did some cleanup of the SketchUp model and replaced the original reference. See if this plays better for you.
hinge fixed.layout (2.1 MB)

Thankkss!!! My boss send me the 3d model to use it in a drawer. And i can export it to the Sketchup to use it ti the drawer? Sorry new with sketcUp ahah

You can open the embedded SketchUp file by right clicking on the viewport and choosing Open with SketchUp.

You should probably take time to go through the instructional content at so you can get a handle on using both SketchUp and LayOut.

Suree i going to take a look, thanks you agaiiin