Problems with Extreme Slowness



Hello there,

I am new to the sketchup community. I have started using it for school projects. Last week, I had to build a chair model in sketchup. At the time, I was using sketchup make. I had no problems whatsoever with the chair.

Last night, I was at school, and I started making a model for a house. My school uses an older version of sketchup pro.
I took it home and tried to use it on my laptop, and it was extremely slow. I can barely get the screen to move because it’s so slow. To see if it was the model or if it was my laptop, I started a completely new model. I have yet to draw anything in a brand new file, and yet it stills runs very slow. It’s completely unusable.

How is this possible, when I’m using the same program on the same computer, with the same settings? Last week I could draw a model in it, complete with textures and shadows, no problem. Now I can’t even orbit.



Which version of SketchUp is installed at your home and school? Any chance, you accidentally made changes to your OpenGL settings in SketchUp? Have you updated any hardware recently?