Problems with dropGC and drape

I am having difficulty dropping textures onto a su file using dropGC AND drape. Tried using Skatter, but no luck there.
ALEX 7b using drop.skp (10.0 MB)

Use Move tool


thanks. the problem I had with the move tool is it didn’t always go to the surface and it floated. Had many parts like that, so… I started over with the pavers from scratch. THAT FIXED IT! : )
sometimes it’s a hard pill to swallow but ends up being the best solution.
thanks again.

Depending on what you want to achieve, instead of creating a lot of geometry, you could use a texture (not necessarily the one in the gif, you can create a custom one)


If you use the inferencing system and lock on axis (with arrow keys), you will be able to move objects exactly where you want.

Look for more tutorials about Move tool on YouTube -

Thanks. I use that frequently

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