Need a miracle, and i've got no time :(

i’ve got a problem which maybe a miracle to solve it…
So stupid from me i started making my buildings of the site 3d, and after i finished (push\pull) the whole area (buildings) i remembered that i didn’t do the topography…so now i have a buildings alone as component alone and a topography component alone. i put them above together but i need a miracle so i can put each building correct on each topography layer…
what i did for now is i put the highest layer of the topography on zero (blue 0) so the buildings now are floating in the air…i need something to make each building or line to move down until it touches the layer (topography) under it, so they fit together…i don’t know if you understand me, any solution would be more than awesome, i don’t have time and would be impossible to do it with each building and each line !
Huge thanks in advance !

Hi Yosuefk! I share your pain, having done a few things like this before with a big model. Check the link above - this is a free ruby script that will enable you to drop components, groups or objects down. Not sure is this is a solution but worth a try. Makes sure you work on a seperate saved copy of the model before trying!

Just an FYI, DropGC is available on SketchUp Extension Warehouse. Also, you will still need to adjust the buildings onto the topo manually even with DropGC. One hint, use the Move Tool and LOCK the axis on the move tool by taping the UP or DOWN arrow no the keyboard to make sure the selected objects only move along the Blue /Vertical Axis.

Use both the extension and the move tool. Should not take long.

Daniel Tal

Thank you guys for replying, you inspired me, i think it will take less time, the locking move was really helpful and fast.

But i didn’t understand what should Dropgc do? in the description they say it drops objects and component down until they hit the surface under (which exactly what i need) but when i chose objects and do Dropgc, they are not moving at all, its not doing anything, so i wonder what it does?

Thank again, really i appreciate

it worked, i just had to triple click on any object to select everything connect to it, and then make it as component, and then right click and dropgc, and it drops to the nearest surface ! that’s awesome !
Thank you again so much ! i love you !

Fantastic! So glad it worked out, Yosuefk. Vital info from Daniel too which I neglected to mention. Cheers, everyone!