Exploding Groups and Solid Topography

Hi, i have a project that has buildings and a topography and the buildings are going into terrain so i want to explode all of them and intersect with the topography and clean the underground but whenever i explode the buildings group my sketchup crashes. How can i fix this issue? And another thing. I want to make the topography solid (there isn’t a plane underground). Is there an easy way to make one? Thank you.

I have exploded everything successfully but it didn’t merge the topography with the buildings. Im now doing an intersect with the model but it’s taking forever. Ill let it run over night. It has not currently crashed. If others want to try it - maybe they should in case mine ends up crashing. Let the first person with results be the winner…

Also, there is probably a better way but I rarely deal with typography or sites this large…

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Thank you, and yeah. There probably is a better way to handle this.

It worked. The viewport is super slow. You may want to group it in sections and only work (cleanup) on that section of something along those lines.

Alternatively You may also want to do some testing of using maybe the solid tools with your original file as that may also be a better more viable solution to getting to where you want to go. Something like the “outer shell” from the solid tools may be a smarter path. Either way, you are now ahead of where you were yesterday.

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