Exploding group - page not responding

Hi all,

I have almost completed my latest project; an Park gate and now I have issues regarding to the page not responding. Is the Webapp too heavy for my internet or do I have too much geometry?

I have purged materials with every save, plus what is weird is that the curved wall and pavilion on the right exploded without too much problem

Is it possible to see if there is an issue?
Many thanks!

Probably it’s your model that is too heavy.

Why do you want to explode any of the groups in the model?

You could share the .skp file with us so we can see exactly what you’ve modeled.

So it doesn’t behave weirdly. It is meant to be an entrance for a building in another project.
I can’t upload because the forum say’s it’s too big. Is a link ok or how can I share otherwise?

That’s no reason to explode anything.

Upload it to a file sharing service like Drop Box or We Transfer and share the link.

If I don’t explode it also interfere with the performance :open_mouth: So personally for me it is necessary

Exploding all the groups to raw geometry will hurt the performance more than leaving the groups. And really you should using components instead of groups. The stones for the walls would be better as a texture instead of geometry. The model is symmetrical so you should be leveraging that with components.

There’s a lot of geometry for your model to work well in SketchUp for Web. It doesn’t work well in the desktop version either.
Screenshot - 4_22_2024 , 1_37_38 PM

You also have a lot of reversed faces that should be fixed. There should be no exposed blue back faces.

How will you use your larger model once you have it complete?

Thanks for looking.
I haven’t really worked with components before, so that’s why I made groups.
I don’t remember reversing faces either. But maybe that’s from copying and flipping objects :grimacing:
And I painted the walls with a texture I found in the warehouse.
As to using the larger model, I don’t think I should even try importing it into the same project.
The projects are to be taken as models for 3D printing for a model railway.

What can I do now to help the issues?

Time to learn how to use components.

It could be or more likely it would be due to the way you created the 3D shapes in the first place.

Certainly not if you are planning to 3D print the model.

As it is this model is not 3D printable. The exposed back faces need to be fixed. The blue side faces the print media and the white sides face air. What you’ve modeled will confuse the slicer.

You also have a lot of internal faces which will be probemlatic for 3D printing. You’ll need to clean up those faces. Really there’s no need to have outlined the majority of the stone blocks in the walls. Those edges won’t be printed and they are just causing performance problems.

Since there’s a lot that needs to be fixed my suggestion would be to start over. Break the model into smaller, more manageable units. Make use of components. Make sure that each component is recogniced as a solid component. That means no holes in surfaces, no stray edges, no internal faces. And make sure that face orientation is correct before you add textures. Don’t add textures until the model geometry is complete AND correct.

Here’s an example from one of my models. All of the components are solids as indicated in Entity Info. You should see that kind of indication when you select the components in your model.

Alright, thanks for having a look, again and telling me what should be corrected. I’m honestly learning everyday that I use SketchUp.
Thanks again for taking the time tonight! :smiley:

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