Crash when exploding component within a group

corrPanel2.skp (2.2 MB)

The attached model contains a component (Corrigated7/8x21’11") that is a sheet of corrugated metal. There is what is to be a wall of these that I want to explode so that I can trim the wall for doors, roof line. The group (Wall-Door-End-Corrigated) containing these has some individual geometry that came from previously exploded instances of the component. There were originally 13 of components inside the group. I was able to explode 10 of them. Any attempt to further explode the remaining 3 component instances, results in a crash. Poof! sketchup closes. No errors, etc. that I know of or know how to get to.

This all happens in 2022. I’ve downloaded 2023 and get the same result. I’ve copied the geometry (there is a lot more in the primary project file) to the uploaded model. Same result.

help appreciated.

There’s an awful lot of geometry there for what they are. Do you really nned that kind of detail?

I expect the issue comes from tiny intersecting geometry being created during the explode step. Move the three remaining objects back a bit behind the loose geometry and then explode them.

From inside the group, I was able to explode each of the 3 components after selecting them one by one using the Outliner.

Then I exploded the group and save the file. It was 16.2 Megs in size.

I purged it and it is now 2.6 Megs.

See it below.

corrPanel2 exploded.skp (2.6 MB)

I suggest that you use arcs with less segments to reduce the file size and the load on your computer.

I can’t reproduce your issue. I exploded those three remaining component instances without crashing, though it took a moment for each due to the large number of edges and faces. There are some problems where the sections overlap (see screenshot below) but I don’t know why that would cause a crash.

No problem exploding for me too.

Your corrugated wall has curves that have 24 segments in them. If you did need to model this way, you could get away with less segments, and it would look as good, if you are more than a couple of inches away. Your version uses 51,000 edges, if there were 12 segments that comes below 22,000.

In addition to the many other other comments, If you edit the group containing the corrugated wall and delete all of the visible edges, then turn on View > Hidden Geometry you will find yet another almost complete wall hiding in the inky darkness.