Aligning Objects to Terrain: Can it be done?

So, I have a bunch of trees and stuff that were placed on a flat ariel photo, and I need to move them all vertically so that they all sit on the terrain and aren’t floating or submerged.

Obviously, I could manually move them but that will take forever!!

Is there a solution??

This is the first one I found. No clue if it works in current Sketchup versions but you can try:
Another classic:

If the vegetation is all at the same level, you may select the ground and buildings and move them down to match the vegetation. After that, select all and move the selection to ground plane (z = 0).

Oh wow! @Anssi the work was very fast with that second link. It could have only been better if I could have selected the face to drop the objects to instead of it trying to guess.


Check out Sandbox Bonus Tools. It’s not free, but it will drop multiple objects in the Z direction and distribute them onto whatever shape is under it. One click.

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@endlessfix Thanks! I’ll probably check it out! All the plants are on the ground, and I’m excited about how this is turning out! I wish the grass texture wasn’t so repetitive.

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Looking good. Hard to tell with the forum video lag, what renderer are you in?

I’m using Enscape, here’s the not-skippy version.

For time’s sake it is in 480p I do apologize.

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Cool, nice job. At that camera speed you really cannot see the grass material repeating, it looks fine. I’d look at fixing the roof material mapping first, it’s much more noticeable.


I don’t know how I’d fix that.