Placing offset objects on a flat surface

Hello everyone !

I am currently trying to place some buildings down on a flat ground surface, but the thing is that all these buildings are currently offset to account for the topography of the place they’re in (ie none is at the same exact height). So what i’m hopelessely trying to find is a tool or plugin that would take several, differently located objects, and align them all on the same flat plane (see picture) Does any of you know a way to do this automatically ?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: !

I havent tried these extensions yet but they should work for you.

Use thomthoms align axis tool for reseting the axis

Then use this extension to drop them all on the surface

There are several plugin that will do that.
Some that spring to mind.
Drop, Smart drop, Raytrace, and my favorite Throw to by tak2hata.

Thanks for the quick answers ! I’ll try those and keep you updated !

Allright, so dropGC and Raytrace seems to do i want, but it appears they only work when each building to be dropped is a group, which they aren’t at the moment. Would you by any chance know a plugin that automatically creates groups out of connected entities ?

Chris Fulmer loose to groups if my memory serves me correctly.

It worked ! Thank you SO MUCH ! You just saved me from an insane amount of work ! :smiley:

EDIT : I’m new to the forum, do i have to mark the topic as closed or something ?

Not specifically. But if there is an actual answer to the original question you can tick it as such.
You got several answers here so it would be difficult to pick just one.

Done !

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Problem is you ticked 3 and only the last one shows for other users. So you’re better to decide on the most correct one, and use Likes on the others if you feel the need.

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