Align two objects

I’m quite new to SketchUp and I’ve recently installed SketchUp Make 2017 on Window on my iMac.
I have Pro Trial, 26 days remaining.

I’m wondering how to align one object to another.
Is it only possible in the Pro version?

I’ve seen videos on youtube showing how to do it by connecting three points on the object you want to move to three points on the object you want to align and move the first object to.

I don’t have any menu called Tools - Align

As a novice, I include or add crosshairs to the objects, components or groups and select the crosspoint when performing an action such as ‘move’. -Scotty

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Check this plugin: Align

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Hi LFTR, hi folks.

Can you precise the type of alignment: linear or angular?

Better yet, can you attach the SketchUp file to your next post with text attached to the objects explaining what alignment you want.

To attach a file to a post, use the seventh icon from the left, the one with an upward pointing arrow.

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Thanks for feedback.

The “Align” extension was excactly what I needed.

I’m now able to align two objects that have
completely different positions and angles

You do know that it can be done without a plugin, right? It’s worth learning how to do it with the Move tool.

Also, depending on what you are working with, there are probably other native ways to achieve the alignment, too. They’d be worth learning as well.

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Thanks again.

I’ve now also done the same thing (aligned from attached file 1 to 2) with the basic tools of Move and Rotate which had more functionality than I knew about and I’m still learning :slight_smile:

allign1.skp (194.4 KB)

allign2.skp (196.4 KB)

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