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I’m trying to align objects. When looking in the tools menu, or any of the dropdowns the alignment tool couldn’t be found. And the right click didn’t show it after highlighting the object to be aligned. Thanks for any recommendation

There are no specific “alignment tools” in SketchUp. You do that sort of thing with the Move tool.

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If you stumble on Align in the help pages, you are looking at documentation of the LayOut application.

Thanks for the help. How are the objects accurately assembled then–its based on chance then? Is there a “Reference tool”? The move tool which is used and most common only brings the objects close and takes extra time connecting the two objects at the exact points, sometimes where I’ve spent an hour to align the two objects accurately.

So the Align tool is a misnomer, correct

The magic in the Move tool is in the point you pick when you start the move. If you want to connect two objects at exact points, you start the move by clicking on exact point #1 and end it by clicking on exact point #2.

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Thanks a lot, appreciate it. I thought this could be done with the “Move tool” just wasn’t sure how.

To illustrate what Anssi described:

Only if you aren’t using the tools correctly. Besides using the Move tool to place objects next to each other precisely, many times it’s useful to model those objects in place where they need to be and not move them at all.

Not correct. As I already wrote, there is no specific Align tool in Sketchup.

This isn’t a thing that should take anywhere close to an hour. It sounds like you might benefit from going through the SketchUp Fundamentals at

Check out this video From Master… Tips for the move tool.

Thanks for the video, it took a little while after some practice. But once its clearer now, I’ve found the move tool can connect the objects.