Align objects

Taking advantage of the title of this topic: is there any tool to align objects in SketchUp as in LayOut? :grinning:

Align and distribute ? but not sure if it still works with 2018?

2dxy slick moves ($25)

I don´t think it works… But thank you!

Not sure I have understood your question. The inbuilt facilities in SU for aligning are more sophisticated than LO and I find them much easier to use. I sometimes have to draw temporary lines in LO to line things up the way I want.

As usual, much easier if we can see an actual SU file demonstrating your problem.

Actually I do not have a Sketchup problem, I just think LayOut’s alignment tools are very useful for me, especially considering the fact that I use keyboard shortcuts to make it easier to use them:

Left alignment: Shift + A
Lower Alignment: Shift + S
Right Alignment: Shift + D
Alignment Up: Shift + w

The letters A, S, D and W are just the “left” arrow keys on the keyboard.

I think, maybe, that it would be nice if Sketchup brought these tools in the next version …

Here is me working with shortcuts on LayOut:

Is that so very different from this using normal inferencing (no shortcuts required):

I agree with you but I like shortcuts and the alignment tool from LayOut! :beers:

I think the $25 plugin will do what you need. I dont have it so not entirely sure of its details. But Like adobe illustrator there are specific tools that align elements very easily (centered, right etc). In sketchup I suspect it will need to know the specific parts of the objects it needs to align. This may mean being more diligent about the axes of specific items, thast it would need to know which part of the geometry to align.

the video covers it well.

S D Mitch’s Align and Distribute works fine in SU2018, and 2017.

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