Where to find the Align tool

I want to align 2 objects and have been looking for the arrange tool for several days. I have gone through all menues many times, right clicked on the objects, turning on all toolbars I can find. But I cannot find the arrange tool anywhere. HELP!!! And yes, first I have selected more than one object…

You can use Move and Rotate tools to align the objects or you can install an extension.

Basics of SketchUp at learn.sketchup.com and SketchUp - YouTube.

Thanks. The move function will just align as accurate as I can place it with the mouse, I presume? And the arrange function which is referred to a lot of places (including in SketchUp help) is not there?
So there is an align function in an extension. Do you know how to find the right extension?

And the Move tool can be very accurate.

Do you have a link to one of these places? And what exactly is this ‘arrange function’?

Using search with the word ‘align’. Extensions > Extension Warehouse.

The inferencing system (what other applications call “snap”) is at the heart of SketchUp. Take the free tutorials at learn.sketchup.com and watch the videos at the Sketchup Youtube channel to learn how it works.

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Thans both of you. It works very well with the extension tool. And i will go through the tutorial as well :+1::clap: Again thank a lot