Arranging and Aligning Faces!

Is there a way to align and arrange selected faces to each other, like in Layout?

It’s not difficult to do with the Move tool but there are at least two extensions you could use that are available in the Extension Warehouse. Search for ‘align’.

Thanks for your reply. I will definitely check out the extensions. But how to easily align with the Move tool?

It’s basic inferencing. Lock the direction with the cursor keys.

At the Extension Warehouse - Curic Align
(it’s free)

Oh I got what you mean. But that is not what I was asking for. I am talking about auto aligning 2 selected faces by a simple mouse click. I will be back with a video to what I mean exactly.

I just tried Curic Align and it is nice addition but still not doing what I need.

How about showing us exactly what you mean so we can stop wasting time at guessing what you are trying to do?

I want to be able to do that for faces:

So after trying different extensions, I found one that does what I want, but it is very expensive for what it does! anyone knows a free or cheaper alternative?

The Move tool is free.


With Curic Align



I’m not the most knowledgeable, but if it’s a matter of moving many things to alignment, aren’t there plugins for dropping a bunch of things to a plane? The native move tool works just as well for one item, but I can see if you have 100 items you want to align in one click, that’s where such a tool pays off.

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Yes I understand it can be done with the Move toll, but I don’t always get it right the first time because of my shaky hand. Also it will take me a lot of times when I repeat that action for multiple surfaces, that is why I am looking for a special tool that does it quickly and accurately at the same time.

Hey thanks for explaining that! Maybe I was doing something wrong when I tested it. Will try it again.

It sounds like you would do well to learn the fundamentals of SketchUp (mihai.s shared the link) because there are many things in which inferencing is invaluable and for which you aren’t going to find an extension. No need to limit your modeling capabilities because you aren’t using the natively available tools.

Dave, I appreciate your help and I am truly aware about the benefits of the inferencing system which are great and I am trying to utilize it as much as I can. However using it with the Move tool is not ideal for all situations like what I mentioned in this post and as what RTCool said… Since SketchUp does not currently offer a native alignment tool that can do what I exactly need fast and efficiently, then nothing wrong with utilizing extensions to help achieve such tasks.

At the end of the day, it is all about efficiency of producing the results I want no matter the tool is.

2nd tutorial a year later…

Many thanks for the links :+1:


Thanks again … it is indeed a very powerful extension :+1: