Fix solid tiles on sandbox layout to move with surface


Hi, I wish to learn how to create a solid tile and cover the whole area of landscape, then draw up and down the landscape to create a paving layout but not to alter the tile shapes, merely have them move to relfect and align with the iregularity of the surface as I shape the land.
If anyone knows how to do this so that I don’t have to explode the model and distort the tiles please advise.
Hope I’m clear enough here for you guys to get my drift. Ask for more info if necessary, cheers.



I can’t think of a way that you could shape the terrain and have the tiles move with it, but you could certainly shape the terrain then drop your tiles in place.
Here is a quick drop using Smart Drop.


Good example!
Where you see tiles “intersecting” oneanother you will be certain that this will also happen in real life.



This looks like it will do what I’m tryiing to achieve. I will approach this the other way round than planned; shape the land terrain and then drop on the tiles. I was really concerned that the tiles distorted and did not seem to be able to get round it. I didn’t realie there was a mod to drop the tiles onto the shaped surface.
Next problem; how do I inport the plug-in? It is classed as “smartdrop_v1.5x.rbz”. I’ve not encountered *.rbz files before and my computer seems to not know it. Please advise on how to install and where should I place the link?? Am I doing something wrong or should I have some other software installed to access this file type?



To install an .rbz go to Window/Preferences/Extensions click the install extension button, navigate to where you downloaded it and install it.
If you don’t have that button you have an earlier version of Sketchup, pre SU8 MR2.


Hi Box,

I have 2015 Sketchup Make installed. I have looked for the “Windows/Preferences/Extensions” but cannot locate this, even after doing a “Search”. Are you sure this is correct or is there another option? I thought that the folder for putting the downloaded *.rbz into might be within Sketchup folders??? Say the “ShippedExtensions” folder?? Guessing now, of course.
I really appreciate your help, cheers.
Regards, TJ


I wasn’t clear, I assumed you knew where to find the Sketchup Preferences.
Install RBZs from within sketchup, no need to go finding any folders to put things in.
Download the .rbz and make a note of where it is, by default it usually ends up in the Downloads folder but you may have changed that. For this little clip I have left it as it defaults on my PC.



I have carried out all tasks you have outlined here-in. All the tabs popped up as indicated, so I set about a small sample, but having set the tiles above the shaped terain, when I clicked on the new tab “smart drop at inresection” the tiles do drop onto the surface but some go through to the other side aand one even tilted down out the underside at a mad angle. Please advise how I’m going wrong, thanks.

Regards, TJ


It’s impossible to guess, could you attach your test so I can look at it.