“Drop” to ground/workplane command?

Hi all,

I’m sure this has been answered before, but I was wondering if there was a way to move an object down to the “ground” level, maintaining its orientation (i.e on same surface as default SU employee model). I know this may involve entering coordinates, but not sure exactly how this may be done.

I know it is fairly easy to snap items to the origin, but sometimes I find myself working on a component just floating in space and would like to edit on the ground plane, sometimes in plan view.


Start to move the object and type [,0 and hit enter.


Sketchup puts in the ] automatically. You can type it if you want.
[0,0,0] is the origin, so you can tell it to move in 3 directions to a specific point.
Or but using (5,5,5) it will move by 5 relative to the starting point.


Very cool, thanks @Box! I was just looking at your profile and that “gallery “ feed you created, seems like you may be one to ask about created “twisted,” hollow, polygon vase forms (with bottoms) that I export to STL to 3D print. I have a feeling there are some extensions that could help. Perhaps I will get my thoughts together and do some more fiddling, then post a query to the main thread.

There is also DropGC on the extension warehouse which will take it down to the first surface it hits (or maybe 0 if there isn’t one)

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Great! I’ll check this out. This seems like a feature that should made more accessible in the native tools.