Move to Ground Level

This question may have been asked before I think: How can I move easily a component (a person) to the ground level? My persons always fly some centimeters above ground…


Do you mean when you drag the component in from the Components window, it is floating? You can change the component’s origin location so it doesn’t do that. Maybe the easiest way is to position the component as you want it centered on the model origin. Then right click on the component and choose Change Axes. Click on the model origin, drag along the red axis, click and then the green axis and click again.

But I have heard there is a way I can move the component easily directly to the ground?

There are a few Ruby scripts that will do this. Jim’s Centering will position an object standing precisely on the origin…no underlying terrain required. From there you’ll have to more it laterally into position.
But if you need to maintain the object/person’s red-green coordinates, then the easiest way is probably Smart Drop at Intersection. This will drop any object vertically onto any underlying geometry. If there isn’t any (like a sidewalk or room floor) then you’ll have to temporarily draw a rectangle on the ground plane directly under the object.
There used to be a simple Drop script, but it doesn’t seem to be around any more.

Personally, I usually just grab the figure by the soles of its shoes, start to move it along the blue axis, lock the direction with Shift, then just infer against the origin.

Grab the component by the vertex (or whatever spot) and move it (this vertex or spot is crucial) to [,0]

The object will drop to the same location but the Z value is adopted by the grabbed spot.

You may have to use [;;0] for non-US keyboard settings.

Thanks a lot AlanF that will work!