Problems "punching" windows

I’ve watched several video’s on “punching holes” and I have the worlds hardest time. Takes me almost an hour per hole.
I have a wall made up of several layers(?) of materials…
drywall, frame, insulation, sheathing, tyvek wrap, siding that I’m trying to punch through to place the windows, and I’m having to do every single layer of material separately. Isn’t there a better way? This is a pain.
Thanks in advance.

It shouldn’t take anywhere close to an hour per holes. Can you share the model so we can see your exact setup? If you don’t want to share it publicly, send it by private message and I’ll look at it.

SURE!.. I’m brand new to all this obviously, so pardon any major messups…
To see everything you’ll need to turn the layers on, but you probably want “props” and “land” off unless you got a super computer.
Uploading… just a fyi, everytime I go to save for a few seconds it says “not responding”
The small building is a “addon” that I’ve “finished” and was the first building to do the windows on. I still have 8 more to do on the main building

You can delete everything but the addition and the window. then go to Window>Model Info>Statistics and choose Purge Unused. Save it with a new file name so as not to ruin your original file.

one of the other things I’ll have to do is punch out small sections of “studs” around the windows & doors so that I can put headers in ( sideways studs )
Did you still need me to strip everything down or did you get the file?

I haven’t seen the file yet. Try sending it in a private message by clicking on my avatar and then “Message”.

keeps stopping @ 50%(ish) and starting over… idk what its doing… if it doesn’t take this time you can get it from Gdrive…

I don’t see the file directly but I’ll try the link when I get home from work. Leaving in a few minutes.

ok ty.

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Maybe we can look at it together, too.

sure, we can use zoom, it works great and allows interaction

Downloading it now. 66 Mb is a big file.

wow! Wonder why its so big.

Tons of materials and components that haven’t been purged.

Check your private messages.


This post might help as well… Struggling to cut a hole in a wall with multiple layers - #15 by Hagopm

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