Problems intersecting faces

I’m no Sketchup newbie, but I am having a real problem intersecting a face in this model I’m working on. I’ve created a video (it’s about 5 minutes) showing the steps I’m taking and the issue that results. I’m hoping someone here can point out my modeling error.

Video at link.

Thanks in advance for all the help!


Bob, I’m wondering if you need more coffee. From what I can see in your video, that bottom face of the skirt is one single face. Drawing one line across it does not divide the face into two. You’d need another line across the face to do that.

Here’s a simplified example. I’ve made a ring–no face in the center. One line across doesn’t create multiple faces.

A second line across does create two faces and the one in between the crossing lines is deselected.

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Dave! I knew it was something dumb and obvious (well, except to me!) Haha. Thanks so much, my friend and favorite tutor!

You have no idea how many hours I spent yesterday missing that obvious point…


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Definitely time for more coffee, my friend. :smiley:

I’m happy that I was able to solve it for you. Too bad I couldn’t have done it yesterday.


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Not related to your question, but it seems that a dropbox linked video doesn’t work. At least not in Edge, IE, Chrome, or Safari.

The link is there, but it won’t play in Chrome on Windows 10. I was able to watch it by right-clicking on the video, selecting “Copy Video Address”, then opening a new browser tab and pasting into the address bar. It then loaded just fine and played when I clicked on the right arrow button.

Yes, that’s what I did too. There ought to be a way to embed longer videos in forum posts.

I’m not sure why that is. Perhaps I posted the link before the file had completely uploaded to DB from my local drive. No idea though