Problems exporting from sketch up to layout


Hi, im sure ive just done something stupid but every time i export from sketch up to either my PC in 2d or to layout it does this (multi colored)

please put me out of my misery :slight_smile:


Upload SU file.


Hi simon, im a bit of a computer berk so need stuff spelling out. Upload the model to here ?


We’ve seen this before. It’s an issue with the graphics drivers. Try updating them. Please update your profile to show the actual graphics card.


Use this icon providing file is under 3MB. But note what @DaveR has posted.



floor plans to export.skp (237.7 KB)


Hi dave literally just joined so not sure how to navigate my way round


Click on your avatar in the upper right part of the screen. It’s the P in the blue circle. Then click on the gear icon, select Profile and then update the information.


This what it looks like when I export to Layout. So looks like a graphics issue (very common).

test.pdf (93.4 KB)

Maybe read this:


not sure what im looking for



That shows that you have an Intel graphics card with a driver that was last updated in 2011!


Well, you have an Intel graphics card and the driver date is 05/04/2011. It’s a very old driver. You should try to update the drivers through the Intel site. I’m guessing your computer is kind of old so be aware that there may not be a real up to date driver. Intel graphics aren’t recommended for SketchUp anyway but up to date drivers are a must. It may be time to replace the graphics card if possible or replace the computer.


going through the update process now. Im a builder who is using sketch up more and more to draw what im going to build before i do. Its an amazing tool an im hooked just want to get better. Bought sketch up pro an next step is a machine to cope with large drawings - a full house and landscaping around. Can you recommend a machine for the job or the system requirements to easily deal with what im wanting to do ?



Looks like a new computer is in order sooner rather than later.

There are several threads on the topic of which computer. The main recommendation is to get one that has a graphics chip/card from Nvidia. Generally the GeForce GTX10xx series come highly recommended. Are you thinking a desktop machine or a laptop?


desktop initially


Im guessing the GeForce GTX10xx will not slot in my machine


Probably not considering the likely age of your computer. You could take it to a local computer shop and have them look at it.

My preference for a desktop machine is to either build it myself or have one built instead of buying off the shelf. My current one is one I had built by Orbital Computers a few years ago. It has been bulletproof and I’m really pleased with it.


Thankyou for the help an advice guy, really really appreciate it