Problem with the PUSH/PULL

Hello everyone!
I have a problem with push pull, when I choose the command and clicking to push’ it only moves the face that I want to push/pull. I attached video.

I already made repair option , and problem comes back.
Thank you!

With Alt + PushPull I get the same effect. Don’t press Alt key.

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It doesn’t work.
at first I choose the PUSH/PULL without the ALT.
When I click on ALT+ It need to add a face.

now the push/pull command acts like a move command :confused:

Reinstall the Nvidia drivers.

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Reinstalled and still nothing :frowning:
the problem existed

Every time this comes up it has been fixed by updating, re-installing or rolling back the Nvidea graphic card driver.
I’m going to guess you had a windows update recently?
Windows tends to screw with the graphic drivers and causes these types of issues.

yes’ i had an windows driver and I have updated the NVIDIA.
Is there any way to fix it. I feel a little lost.

Try using the roll back feature of the Driver properties.

Everyone seems to be talking at cross purposes…
When you use PushPull you click on the face and extrude it.
Typically a simple rectangle extrudes into a 6 sided box - retaining the original face.
But if the selected rectangle is part of some other geometry, then the extrusion only has 5 faces and the original face is gone.
If you press the CTRL key and do the PushPull it then leaves the original face in place.
The ALT key is not normally used with PushPull - doing so effectively turns it into the Move tool…

There have been reports relating to Windows updates including Graphics Card Drivers updates which break things - in rare cases like this - BUT you have said you are using ALT - why ?

You could try either downloading and installing the latest Graphics Card Drivers manually, or if that’s causing issues ‘rollback’ to an earlier Driver setup using the Control Panel > Device Manager > Display Adaptors > NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 > Properties > Roll Back Driver… [if available] - Also you can search for updates to the installed drivers using this dialog, rather than visiting the NVIDIA web-site…

PS: This hasn’t been stated explicitly - when you install SketchUp you should be logged in as you normal Windows-user’s account, with SketchUp closed, select SketchUp’s installer exe file’s icon [in Downloads?], then right-click > context-menu > “Run as administrator”, when prompted choose “Repair”…
Installing in any other way [e.g. by double-clicking the exe to ‘Run’ it] can cause unexpected and weird issues - perhaps yours is one of those…


This might result from platform confusion. On Mac the modifier key for push-pull is the alt/option key. Command key makes it behave like the move tool when there is no prior selection.


Yes, I was replying to the OP, who has Windows - for the avoidance of doubt OPT is the better descriptor for MAC’s key ?
To quote from the official usage tips:

On Microsoft Windows, you use Shift, Ctrl, and Alt as … modifier keys.
On Mac OS X, you use Shift, Control, and Option … as … modifier keys

The action of the command key on push-pull is bugged (or at least flakey) on the Mac. In this animation, I activated push-pull, moved the cursor over an unselected face, and pressed Command while I then moved the cursor. When over the outer face, the whole thing moves. When over the inner face, nothing happens!


The problem with that official usage tip is that it seems to equate Windows Ctrl to Mac Control, and Windows Alt to Mac Option (yeah, I know it just a list of the available modifier keys, but list order can be interpreted as signaling equivalence). But that isn’t how most tools are actually programmed, with Windows Ctrl and Mac Option usually performing the same modification of tool action! This has led to a lot of confusion over the years.

I went looking for something about this, and as has happened in the past, I found something relevant that I was the one to post! Here is what I found:

So, I think that Command on Mac and Alt on Windows are undocumented modifiers when it comes to push pull.

On the topic of what ought to be the matching modifier, it’s worse than you think. People assume that CTRL is like Command, because menu items work that way. Also, selecting files from a list view you would use shift to grab a range and CTRL or Command to add or remove an item from the selection.

But, when you’re try to create a new copy of a file you would use CTRL on Windows and Option on Mac. So, the SketchUp modifiers are based on that thinking. Aside from any other reason to do that, CTRL-click on Mac is used to show the contextual menu, so CTRL = CTRL isn’t an option.

except many EN-GB keyboards use ‘alt’ and/or ⌥ and many uses don’t know what ‘Option’ refers to…


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To complicate matters I use a Windows keyboard with a MAC-mini !

But I think the symbol ⌥ does [usually] translate as Option ?
But I realize that half the time web-pages say it’s equivalent to ALT !!

So can some sanity prevail ??


While not documented, the instructor talks about them…

also see this post:

Yes, “Command = Push/Pull while stretching attached faces”. The original problem is where there are no attached faces, and so just the face moves. If you have a connected rectangle it moves up the selected face and makes a ramp out of the connection to the attached face. That could be useful, though it’s the same as using Move locked to magenta with the shift held down.