Problem with stl plugin


When i try to import a file a bit big (superior to 3mo) sketchup just crash. Anybody with that problem?


Can you share the file or point us to where you got it? Without that, we would just be guessing.

It is possible that you are trying to pull in too much, though. STL files can have a LOT of geometry in them, in some cases, more than SketchUp was designed to handle.


@gttteste does SketchUp crash with a bug-splat or does it only stop responding?

If the screen goes “white” but does not bugsplat then sketchup may need a bit longer to perform the import.


@jim_foltz is right, though “a bit longer” can mean hours. SketchUp cleans up the geometry after import, and some stl files are such nightmares of tiny triangles that this takes a long time.