SketchUp Crashes when importing 3DS

hey everyone,
my sketchup is constantly crashing when i try to import a 3DS file. this never happened before. i’ve been using sketchup make 2017 all alonge and just updated to sketchup pro 2020. both versions crash when i’m importing the 3DS.
i have no idea why. thanks in advance for your help.
xx loehner

What happens when SketchUp crashes? Does it just quit? Do you get a bug splat? If yes are sending them in? Or does it do something else? Does it do it with all 3DS files? Can you share a troublesome file for others to try to see if we get the same results?

Often a misbehaving extension or interaction between extensions is responsible for mystery crashes. Have you tried disabling extensions to see if the problem goes away?

How big is your 3DS file?

It happened to more than one, including me. I think it was some 3D Warehouse problem that was already fixed. I can now download items that I couldn’t before.

Every model, in any format, can contain degenerate geometry which causes an import to fail. Transcoding in and out of additional formats can sometimes fix this, or sometimes have no impact, or sometimes make it worse. This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the .3DS format or SketchUp’s support for that format?